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Full Name: Doyle Parker [SEC-494794-4726]
Surname: Parker
Given Name: Doyle
Nickname: "Popeye"

Current Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Current Billet: Strategic Ops, USS MACRONIN

Species: Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human);
Gender/Sex: Male/XY;
Age:  84 Terran Standard Years 
DOB: 4 July 23; 2332
POB: Los Angeles, California, Terra;

Parents: Harry Parker, Plumber, b.2302; May Parker, Homemaker, b. 2303
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None

HT: 6'1" 
WT: 210 lbs
EY: Hazel
HR: Auburn, Short 
SK: Light Tan; No distinguishing marks.
Blood Type: O-
Vision: 20/15
Religion: 23rd Century Christian 
Citizenship: Terran, United Federation of Planets
Languages: Terran Standard (native speaker), German (proficient), Klingon (proficient)








A. Promotion History:
Star Date (23)510430: Enlisted in Starfleet
Star Date (23)510707: Assignment to USS Rivera, Engineering PO3
Star Date (23)540701: Promoted to PO2 
Star Date (23)570911: Promoted to PO1 
Star Date (23)620501: Promoted to CPO 
Star Date (23)660601: Promoted to SCPO 
Star Date (23)6901011:Promoted to MCPO 
Star Date (23)710515: Demoted to PO3, reassigned to USS BISCAYNE Star Date (23)720911: Promoted to PO2 
Star Date (23)740801: Promoted to PO1 

Star Date (23)740912: Assigned to Strategic Operations, USS MACRONIN 
Star Date (24)110615: Promoted to CPO

B. Service History:
Star Date (23) 510707: Assigned to USS RIVERA
Star Date (23) 540701: Promoted to PO2
Star Date (23) 570911: Promoted to PO1
Star Date (23) 570911: Promoted to PO1 
Star Date (23) 620501: Promoted to CPO 
Star Date (23) 660601: Promoted to SCPO 
Star Date (23) 6901011: Promoted to MCPO 
Star Date (23) 710501: Arrested and Charged with Destruction of Star Fleet property and public drunkenness after party celebrating 20 years in Star Fleet. 
Star Date (23)710515: Demoted to PO3, reassigned to USS BISCAYNE Star Date (23)720911: Promoted to PO2 
Star Date (23)720911: Promoted to PO2 
Star Date (23)740801: Promoted to P01
Star Date (23)740912: Assigned to Strategic Operations, USS MACRONIN
Star Date (23)751219: MacArthur's torroidal warp core malfunctions. Ship is catapulted within seconds to SD (24) 110119 
Star Date (23)110119: MacArthur returns. Crew is debriefed at SB Star Saladin and two weeks later ship is returned into service. About ½ of the crew are retired and replaced by new personnel. Parker is one of those who remains in the service.
Star Date (23)110615: Promoted to CPO                                (24)120401: USS MACARTHUR disappears during a dimensional rift with no crew on board. Crew make it back to SB KENAI on another ship.  
Star Date (24)120415: Assigned to USS MACRONIN. 


C. Medals and Commendations
Silver Star (w/ cluster)- Star Dates (23)670414
Bronze Star (w/ 2 clusters)- Star Date (23)740826
Klingon Sector Service Ribbon
Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon
Delta Quadrant Service Ribbon








A. Academic Institutions Attended:
-- Star Fleet Boot Camp
B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare School

C. Qualifications:
-- Qual: CN - Communicationsman
-- Qual: CT – Crytographic Technician (CTI, CTO)
-- Qual: OS – Operations Specialist







A. Chronology (tabular form):
0-18: Lived with parents in Los Angeles California
18: Enlisted in Starfleet to avoid being arrested for B&E on his high school graduation night
18-Present: Active duty in Star Fleet.

B. Background Summary:
CPO Doyle "Popeye" Parker is best known as CPO Parker by those who don't work directly with him, and as Popeye by those who do. He got the nickname Popeye as a young boy for his oversized arms and his gait. His enlisted career took a detour when he got into a little trouble celebrating his reenlistment after twenty years in the Fleet. Parker who had risen in the enlisted ranks to Master Chief Petty officer was busted back down to PO3, and transferred to USS BISCAYNE, where he would meet then cadet Chan J'et and take a liking to the young cadet and watch over him. J'et and Parker would be united again when J'et was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to USS MAcArthur.

Doyle's life changed dramatically when USS MacArthur was catapulted over 35 years into the future. Staying aboard the MacArthur and remaining in the service, he received his most recent promotion a few months later.

In 2412, MacArthur was involved in a dimensional rift. Doubles of some of the crew were materializing and then disappearing on the ship. Experiments were conducted, and the decision was made to evacuate the ship and run an automated experiment to prevent the dimensional rift from disrupting the MacArthur crew's safety and security. During the automated experiment, MacArthur disappeared, but was replaced by another ship, apparently from another existence. The A.I. on that ship returned to the world Mac's crew was waiting at, and collected them, believing they were its crew. With CPO Parker's help, Capt. Thorne was able to gain control of this other ship called FPS RED CLOUD, and return to SB KENAI.

Popeye and most of the MacArthur crew were reunited again, transferred to a new ship, USS MACRONIN. It is where he remains today, approaching 2417. Popeye, for Fleet records, was granted (as all MacArthur personnel who were on board the ship in 2375 when it slipped 35 years into the future) credit for the missing years; therefore he officially has credit for continuous service since 2352. His official age is 84 years old, but physically he has the body of a 50 year old Terran.

C. Personality Summary:
Popeye is all business. He's seen his share of young pups come and go. His skin is pretty thick when a young pup barks orders at him he knows are stupid; but he'll probably joke about it with his comrades later.







A. Skills Profile
Popeye is a good judge of character; he does not relying on people who are undependable. He is a simple man who only sees one life for himself – Starfleet, taking care of the young officers who are all around him. He works in the background to get the job done.

B. Recent Fitness Reports
None save for standard medical clearances.

C. Current Recreational Interests 
Beers of the Federation; Ales of the Federation; Lagers of the Federation; brewing beer.