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CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Commanding Officer, USS Thunderchild


Age: 36
Date of birth:
February 12, 2380
Place of Birth:
Reno, Nevada, Earth
1.87m - 6 ' 2 "

Skin: Dark Brown


Starfleet Academy: 2402
Secondary School: Harra's High
Majors: Earth History, Klingon History
Minors: Casino Theory, Biology



Born February 12, 2380 , "Ced" Gatewood is the only son of Robert and Sonya Gatewood. Gatewood grew up close to his father; and, rarely saw his mother who was in Starfleet as a nurse. On his 9th birthday, the family received word that his mother had been paralyzed in a shuttlecraft accident near Vulcan. "Ced" went through a very troublesome period from the time he was 9 until his senior year in high school, caring for his paralyzed mother. An excellent student, he suffered socially, with no time for games or friends.

His junior year, his father was able to get a caretaker to move in with them and take care of Sonya. "Ced" tried out for the school's hockey team, and surprisingly excelled. In his senior year, he was offered an athletic scholarship to Northern Arizona University to play left wing for the Lumberjacks, but not expecting that, he had also applied to Starfleet Marine Academy. His test scores were good enough to get him into Marine Officer's Academy. His father had not wanted him to join Starfleet, or the Marines, but they had a falling out, and knowing Robert didn't want it was enough for Sherdrick. He declined the athletic scholarship to NAU and was admitted instead to Starfleet Marine Academy.

His first Internship was with a Marine contingent of two platoons on the USS New Montana. His second internship was on the USS SAVANNAH, on its shakedown cruise.

His first commission was to the 43rd GAF's C Company as a squad leader, and they were stationed on the USS New Heights, and served under Captain Palmer.

His second assignment was to the USS Neimann, GAF 1st Platoon leader, serving under Captain Dallas.

In 2407, Gatewood was transferred out of SFMC and accepted reassignment to Starfleet as a Lieutenant with position of Chief of Security on the USS Neimann. During the Jem'Hadar attack on the Neimann in 2409, Captain Dallas was killed. XO Shavange rose to the Captaincy, and Lt. Gatewood was promoted to XO.

Upon the successful defense of Point Laloma and the rescue of the hostages on Sutter Island, The USS
Neimann returned to Starbase for repairs.

Starfleet decided to send the Neimann to Utopia Shipyards for refit, and reassigned her crew. Gatewood was promoted to Lt.Commander and assigned to the USS Thunderchild as XO.



Father: Robert
Mother: Sonya
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other: None


2402 Graduated Starfleet Marine Academy

       2402 Internship USS New Montana

       2402-2404 USS New Heights (Platoon Commander , 3th Platoon, 43rd GAF's C Company SFMC )

       2404-2406 USS New Heights (Platoon Commander , 1st Platoon, 43rd GAF's C Company SFMC )

       2406-2408 USS Neimann (Transfer to Starfleet, Chief of Security, USS Neimann) 

       2407-2411 USS Neimann ( Promotion to XO )

       2411 USS Thunderchild XO

       2411-Present USS Thunderchild (Promotion to CO former ship's CO's resignation)


        2409 - Latinum Star awarded for tactics in defense of Point Laloma

        2409 - Cross of Alexander awarded for  negotiations and hostage rescue on Sutter Island


Latest evaluations are consistent with all prior evaluations, and rate Sherdrick Gatewood as level headed, and even tempered. His early teenage years caring for his mother during her illness taught him responsibility comes first, then reward.  He can be demanding of his peers, but is demanding of himself.   He does like to have a good time, but rarely when on duty. 

Sherdrick Gatewood's childhood injuries - include broken right arm, and a gash in his right leg sustained when he was six years old, on a camping trip accident with no advanced medical supplies, that required field stitching to close. He was always quite proud growing up of his scar and would never have the scar removed. Also suffered a fractured jaw during the Jem'hadar attack on the USS Neimann

Disabilities: None
Current Medical Status: Fit for duty

Professional Assessment: Report of Starfleet Command Evaluation Board

Sherdrick Gatewood has consistently commanded the respect of personnel under his command. It is noted that he does not tolerate subordinates who are lax in their duties or casual about complying with their orders. He is a quick judge of character; perhaps his detractors would say he is too quick. It is a fact that of all the personnel he has transferred out of his departments since he joined Starfleet; over 89% have been transferred out in the first 30 days. However, it is also worth noting that over 50% of the officers transferred out of his command in their first 30 days have resigned their commissions within two years of the transfer, after receiving unsatisfactory reviews from their subsequent superiors.  Gatewood is not proud of his reputation as a "Weedeater", one of those who weeds out the incompetents and slackers from Starfleet. But he does not apologize for the reputation either.  It is obvious from our interviews that he sees his reputation as an advantage in dealing with new crewmembers, which are often intimidated into better performance on his reputation alone. 
While serving with 1st Platoon of the 43rd GAF as PCO, the unit was reassigned to the USS Neimann, under Captain Dallas.  Shortly after the Jem'Hadar ambush on the Neimann, Gatewood's resignation from Starfleet Marines was accepted by his Battalion Commander, and he accepted a Starfleet commission at the rank of Lieutenant, and remained on board USS NEIMANN as her Chief of Security.

Superior officers have described LCDR Gatewood as conscientious, dedicated, friendly, and loyal. Associates as have described LCDR Gatewood as conscientious, dedicated, friendly, and honorable. Subordinates have generally described him as demanding, determined, considerate and honest. Detractors generally characterize him as judgmental, intolerant, and unfair. It is worth noting that his detractors are few and for the most part are no longer with Starfleet or the Corps.



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