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Chief Science Officer, USS Thunderchild


Race: Trill
Sex: Male
DOB: Host: 2354
         Symbiont: 1984
Height: 186.5 cm
Weight: 70.51 kg
Hair: Very Short, Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Scar's, marks, tattoos: Brown spots running down side of head and neck.


Place of Birth: Trill 
Father: Yoel Mola, Civilian Computer Engineer, Trill DOB: 2325
Mother: Atara Mola, Civilian Tour guide/teacher, Trill DOB:2331 


DATE                                EVENT
2369                                  Joined Starfleet Academy
2372                                  Academy Student on USS Agathar
2373                                  Graduated Starfleet Academy
2375                                  Assigned to USS Vision
2375                                  Assigned to USS MacArthur
2375                                  Displaced by Temporal Anomaly to year 2411
2411                                  Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2411                                  Assigned as CSciO on USS Thunderchild


    Be'er Kfarad was born on the Galmax continent on Trill. Be'er is the sixth to host Kfarad, a Trill symbiont who was born at Trill on earth year 1984. Kfarad's first host was Mo'alem. He was a male who developed an advanced irrigation method in Y'ish'i, his hometown. The town prospered, and he was made king of the continent, and was joined with Kfarad. Mo'alem died of assassination at the age of 67. The assassin was Ro'o'h, Mo'alem's ex-neighbor who claimed he did not receive credit for his contribution on the irrigation method.

    Kfarad was thought dead, but was discovered 123 years later on Galmax's symbiont caves. Apparently, Ro'o'h stole the symbiont on the night when he secretly assassinated Mo'alem, and implanted Kfarad in himself. Ro'o'h got away and was only discovered in earth year 2107.

    Under Ro'o'h, Kfarad spent the life time running away from the authorities with his Ro'o'h's family. When Ro'o'h died, he gave the symbiont to Katan, who later rebelled, and returned Kfarad to the symbiont caves in 2107, revealing himself to the Trill government before death.

    Kfarad enjoyed 147 years of rest in the Symbiont caves, and decided to get rejoined. In 2254, Kfarad selected his next host, who was also named Mo'alem. Trill joined the Federation, in 2261, and Mo'alem enlisted. He served aboard a Miranda class starship, the USS Agathar. The Agathar was sent on two ten-year exploration mission a quarter way towards the center of the galaxy and back. It never reached its goal, but did travel over 4500 light years away from the Federation Border, and gathered important information on many planets, one which is currently a major source of Federation Dilithium mining. Mo'alem reached the rank of commander by the time of his resignation in 2296

      In 2299, Mo'alem died, and Kfarad was joined with its first female host. She was Lo'yutzlac'h. She married and had three children, and spent most of her life as a school teacher. Kfarad selected this host to experience a normal Trill life. When Lo'yutzlac'h died in 2348, Kfarad decided to spend more time in the K'alrama caves.

    In 2367, Kfarad joined Be'er. He joined Starfleet in 2369. During his tenure at the Academy, and due to his past lives experience, Be'er did much of his coursework in the field. After graduating from the Academy, Be'er interned on The USS Agathar, which paroled on a moon near Trill.   Because of his experience on the Agathar, he was stationed on the USS Vision, a Nebula class starship, outfitted with scientific sensors and laboratories after joining the Academy. The Vision helped colonize several Federation outposts in the upper Alpha Quadrant, and discovered two new elements in an asteroid belt belt around a red dwarf star system. In 2375, Be'er was posted to USS MacArthur as an assistant science officer, where after two months of service the entire ship was catapulted 36 years into the future.  Going through temporal rehabilitation easily, he was assigned to CSO on board Thunderchild, an Akira class starship.

Psychological Profile

    The Kfarad symbiont has gone through much in his life, and has had to deal with various happenings.  He has had hundreds of years of meditation for relaxing the mind and personal reflection, and so has learned to suppress them and hide them from the host.  The host has had extensive training and was well prepared for joining.  He rarely talks about his past lives but keeps his memories of them in store.  Physically, as well as psychologically, both symbiont and host are in near perfect shape.  Although he suffered from a large case of Brain Cancer before joining the academy, the deficient cancer cells were successfully removed, and health was restored to normal. 

    With little willpower, Be'er Kfarad gets easily addicted to easy things, has a hard time doing necessary actions against his will, but is nonetheless fairly self confident and responsible.  Due to his past life experiences, Kfarad is a very judicious but fun loving individual.  With amazing Science, Kfarad is a reliable officer.  Kfarad very rarely suffers from excessive anger surges when he does not get things his way, but has learned to contain his angers. Otherwise, he is a pretty easy going guy, kind and friendly, and fairly emotional wemory, and good knowledge in hen it gets to extreme poignant situations.  Kfarad is amazed by anomalies.  When there is something that interests him, he will not go tiered because the energy of excitement will fuel his body.  

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