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full.jpg (840 bytes)full.jpg (840 bytes) LT. PEYTON C. MARCH, Jr.

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Senior Flight Control Officer, USS Thunderchild


Age: 28
Date of birth:
February 28, 2384
Place of Birth:
Riverside, California, Earth
180cm (72 inches)
82kg (180 lb.)
Blonde (long)

Skin: Caucasian
Blue (ice-blue, light)
Distinguishing Marks:
Two scars from injuries suffered in combat, one on upper right chest and one where lower right leg was smashed in a fighter hard landing. "452" with wing tattoo on upper left arm.



The son of Starfleet officers devoted to their careers, Peyton's mother took a maternity leave just before his birth. Peyton was born in Riverside, California on Earth. His mother wanted him to be born on Earth, as she was. But he didn't see much of his parents, both Starfleet officers. He was raised by his maternal grandparents, Tomas and Livia Poston, who moved to from Riverside to the Topanga canyon area of Los Angeles, California when he was five years old.

Home schooled, his grandparents did not share their children's beliefs in the values espoused by the Federation and Starfleet. Highly critical of the "Empire", as they derisively referred to the Federation, they saw the federation's influence as colonialism at its worst, and ridiculed the United Federation of Planets (UFP) policies at every chance. In their eyes, it was impossible for the federation's government to make a good decision. Willing to recite all the examples of times Starfleet and Ffederation representatives were willing to ignore or violate the Prime Directive when it suited the UFP's needs. Situational Ethics, they called it. They despised the government, and the Service that their daughter had chosen, that had taken her away from them.

Peyton grew up indoctrinated to his grandparents beliefs, but even by the time he was ten, he wanted to know more, and sensed that there was another side to the story. Playing with other children of the neighborhood, and froom the occasional two week visit every other year from his mother or father, he had coem to believe there was another side to the story his grandparents were feeding him. When news of his parents death reached him at the age of 14, his grandparents grew bitter, blaming the Federation for the meaningless deaths of their daughter.

Peyton could not accept his parent's deaths were meaningless. Apparently, neither could his grandparents. One month after receiving news of his parent's death, his grandmother, Livia, then 56, was arrested trying to plant a bomb in a local Starfleet Recruitment office in Van Nuys, and sentenced two months later to ten years in prison. Her husband Tomas, despondent over the death of his daughter and the loss of his wife to her passions that led her to prison, could no longer take care of his grandson, and quit schooling the boy the day Livia's sentence was handed down. At the age of fourteen, Peyton was on his own.

Peyton, dazed and confused by these events, left his grandparent's home one month later, determined to find out the truth.

His first stop was the same recruitment center his grandmother had tried to blow up. From there, he was directed to a shelter for homeless children of Starfleet officers, officers who had either been killed, were missing, or for one reason of another, were unable to care for their children, and had no competent relatives to do so.

Peyton lived in the Starfleet shelter, located near San Diego, from the age of fourteen to the age of eighteen, and finished his secondary education. He had applied at the age of seventeen to Starfleet Academy, and was admitted in the fall of 2402. On an accelerated course, with a major in flight operations, he graduated regular Academy in 2405 and was immediately enrolled in Flight School at the Yeager Sedona Academy, one of Starfleet's top gun schools, in fall of 2406.



Father: Peyton C. March, 2355-2398, Deceased, First Officer, USS Escalante. Lost in Borg action, 2398

Mother: Cher Poston, Deceased, 2362-2398, CMO, USS Escalante. Lost in Borg action. 2398

Siblings: None he's aware of, but he does have a half brother he knows nothing about. Robert


Resident Student - Starfleet Managed Homeless Shelter for Children - San Diego 2398-2402

Starfleet Academy 2402-2405 Graduated Starfleet Academy 2405 Graduated 14th out of 174. Applied to Yeager-Sedona Top Gun Flight School in Sedona, Arizona, Earth.

Accepted to Yeager-Sedona Flight School 2405, graduated 2406, first in class.

Billeted on USS Norfolk late 2406 as a member of the 452nd Space Mobility Wing, he flew his first fighter missions in early 2407and in early 2408 was decorated with a Flying Cross for his service in the successful defense of the TESTER colony, when the colony was under attack by traitorous Admiral Jack Hemingway and the sympathetic crew of the USS Valdosta.

Ensign March was credited in that action, in forty-five sorties with eighty-six targeted hits and only four misses, and with his wingman was responsible for launching the final torpedos that disabled the Valdosta and resulted in the capture of Hemingway. At high risk to his own safety, Peyton C. March Jr.'s actions were credited along with several other pilots actions, as being directly responsible for the safe release of the colonists being held captive by Hemingway's crew.

Subsequent missions undertaken by the Norfolk involved patrolling Alpha quadrant regions notorious for piracy and mercenary attacks on poorly defended colonies, and Ensign March was promoted to Ltjg in 2409. Promotion to full Lt. was made in 2410, when March was named Flight Group Squadron Leader for the Norfolk's fighter group.

The NORFOLK being 42 years old at the end of 2410, was recalled for a major refit and new crew in early 2411, and Lt. March was transferred to the USS THUNDERCHILD in February of 2411, as Flight Group Squadron Leader. He has held that position until very recently, when he was promoted to Senior Flight Control Officer. He is in charge of the Thunderchild's flight group, shuttles, runabouts, and scout ships.

March rose from Squadron leader to Flight Control Chief of the Thunderchild and Lt. Commander. During the period when the Thunderchild was undergoing her most recent major refit, Lt. Commander MArch was selected as the next XO of the USS TEMPEST.


        2402: Entered Starfleet Academy
        2405: Graduated Starfleet Academy
        2405: Entered Top Gun Flight School at Yeager-Sedona
        2406: Graduated Top Gun 1st in class
        2406: with 452nd Space Mobility Wing, USS Norfolk
        2408: First decorations for service
        2409: Promoted to Ltjg.
        2410: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned Flight Group Squadron Leader, Norfolk
        2411 (early): Assigned as Flight Group Squadron Leader, USS Thunderchild
        2411 (late) : Promoted to Senior Flight Control Officer. USS Thunderchild in command of the Flight Group
2412: Promoted to Lt. Commander amd reassigned to USS TEMPEST as XO.        


        2408 - Flying Cross


Peyton C. March, Jr. fit's the standard profile for a flight school candidate and is recommended as fit for Flight School.
--Dr. Remi Maven, Cadet Evaluator, Starfleet Academy, San Jose, Earth

Peyton C. March, Jr. is methodical, detail-oriented, friendly and outgoing, and has a low tolerance for "stupid questions".
--CNS Tawny Parsons,USS Norfolk

Latest evaluations are consistent with all prior evaluations, and rate Peyton C. March, Jr. as level headed, and even tempered. His home schooling and time spent as a resident student in a Starfleet Shelter appear to have prepared him well.
--CNS Tobin Jolinar, USS Thunderchild, June 2411

Disabilities: None
Current Medical Status: Fit for duty

Professional Assessment: Report of Starfleet Command Evaluation Board

Peyton C. March has carried himself as a professional at all times during his career. Faced with difficult choices during the action against renegade Starfleet officers during the incidents surrounding the Tester colony, Peyton C. March, Jr. did not hesitate to do what was required of him to secure the safety of the civilian population of the colony, and vigoirously defended the colonists against outlaw officers, despite heavy odds, and ambivalence from other members of his unit.

Peyton C. March is considered by this office to be an officer with unlimited potential. It is our opinion that he will be an asset to any crew that will have him.

Starfleet Board of Evaluation

Peyton C. March, Jr. bio 2000 Noah Rains



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