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  Jacob "Jake" Tate
Strategic Operations Officer - SOO

Age: 32
Species: Terran
Rank: Lieutenant
Current Billet: Strategic Operations Officer, USS Thunderchild

Serial Number: 23590-Delta
Born: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on, March 4th, 2380
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
ID Marks: None
Discipline Marks: 3


Father: Daniel William Tate, Master Chief, Starbase Lone Star
Mother: Renee Anita Tate, Commander, Research Station Orpheus
Sister: Rachel Alexandra Tate, Federation Ambassador, Romulus
Sister: Christine Kelly  Tate, Security Officer, USS Reagan
Brother: John Douglas Tate, Tactical Instructor, SFA
Brother: David Jones Tate School Teacher


Martial Arts, Explosives, Intelligence, Covert Operations,
Search & Rescue 


Hand to Hand Combat, Martial Arts, Demolition Expert, 
Tracking and Surveillance (SAR),  Rappelling and Extraction Expert (SAR)

Service Record:

2396-2400 Attended Starfleet Academy
2400- Graduated Starfleet Academy, Promoted to Ensign
2400-2402 Assigned to USS Roosevelt as a CIC Specialist
2402-2404 Assigned to USS Dallas as Strategic Ops
2403 Promoted to Lieutenant(jg), awarded Starfleet Naval Cross
2404 Dallas boarded by Romulan Mercs
2404-2406 Assigned to Outpost Sierra by SFIA 
2405 Promoted to full Lieutenant
2406 Mercenary Raid on Sierra, Awarded Combat Action Ribbon Promoted to
Lieutenant Commander
2406-2409 Assigned as Federation Exchange Officer, Klingon Empire 
2407 IKV Kahless boarded by Rogue SFIA Agents Awarded Klingon Medal of
2407 Disciplined for aggressive action against rogue officers
2409-2411 Assigned to Subspace Weapons Smugging Prevention Office as
Starfleet Liaison
2411 Subspace Weapons stolen from Starfleet Research Outpost Caldik
Prime  In destruction of those weapons, Tate was charged with a violation
of the Prime Directive, found guilty of the charges. Due to mitigating
circumstances, he was not casheiered out of Starfleet but demoted from
Lt.Commander to Lieutenant.
2411 - assigned to USS Thunderchild as a probationary Strategic Ops


Jake was born into a Starfleet family and was expected to become a NCO
like his father and be able to take care of the family. From an early age
Jake knew that he wanted to be something that any other members of his
family were not.  


He has gained the attention of several top officers because of his
dutiful actions. He has been determined in action, decisive, and able
bodied. He has been an asset to his former CO's. He has three
disciplinary reports in his personnel file from his early years as an
officer in altercations with other officers, none in the last five years.

However, he was demoted recently for a prime directive violation, for
destroying stolen subspace weapons in view of a pre-warp society.
Mitigating circumstances (destruction of the weapons in sight of the
citizens saved their lives) resulted in his penalty for the violation
being a rank reduction from Lt. Commander to Lieutenant.


Discipline Notes:

I recommend that Mister Tate  be given a through physical and mental
examination before taking on another assignment. He plainly disregarded
starfleet's instructions for his assignment to the IKV Kahless. His
orders were to serve as Executive Officer and as Federation Observer.
If he ever is to function he must learn the chain of command exists on
situations such as this.

Captain Michael Donald
Klingon Exchange Officer Program Director


Writers Guide:

 Jacob Tate isn't one to allow others to be placed into danger. He also
isn't one to mingle in crowds as he knows there could always be someone
with a grudge. Tate has been around long enough, and done enough
intelligence work, to know, he has angered many people in the galaxy. 
People who might not know where he is but would be happy to kill him on
sight. So Jake Tate can be reluctant to give someone his trust,
especially away from the security of a starship, anywhere where there is
a non-Starfleet presence worth mentioning. He can be very secretive and
quiet among collegues. Well trained in hand to hand combat, he won't look
for a fight, in fact, has a low opinion of officers that do, and won't
throw the first punch, won't provoke someone to throw the first punch, or
let himself be provoked into doing so.  But if someone is dumb enough to
come at him, he will likely lay them out. Don't mess with him.... It
would be a better idea to be his friend then his enemy.

Tate Biofile © 2000 James Mullins. Used with permission by USS Thunderchild rpg. © 2000 USS Thunderchild RPG 
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