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Main Sensor Pallets


There are three main sensor pallets on the Thunderchild which make up the "eyes and ears" of the ship.  The frontal one is measures 59 meters across and 3 meters in height.  It is densely packed with 3x1 meter sensor pallets that can be removed or installed for various uses or in case one is damaged or needs to be replaced.  The ventral sensor arrays consist of 3 omni-directional sensor packages.  The first is for close range planetary and life form analysis, astronomic observation, and remote life form analysis.  They are based on high resolution subspace and electromagnetic scanners and are extremely important to the procurement of any raw data the ship obtains by itself.  The second group is long range sensors.  These are composed of electromagnetic scanners, gamma ray scanners, Electromagnetic Flux sensors, life form analysis instrument clusters, parametric subspace field stress sensors, gravimetric distortion scanner, passive neutrino scanners, and thermal imaging arrays.  These all operate on subspace band arrays, providing near real time information on scanned subjects light years away.  The third group makes up the navigational sensors for directional, and mapping, and positioning information.  The navigational sensors are comprised of instruments that detect and recognize stellar reference objects, then compare them to relative location in the database in order to determine location and heading.        

The main sensor arrays are supervised by the Science Department, but frequently other departments such as tactical or operations may need the sensors, which puts them on very high demand and gives them a high level of importance to the function of the ship.  



Sensor pallet Navigational and long range sensors
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