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Prominent locales used  in this storyline so far:

Incline Village Nevada - Gatewood Ranch
Detroit, Michigan
Salta, Argentina - Bajoran Embassy
Romulus, Michigan - Romulan Embassy
Paris, France -SF Intelligence HQ, SF Special Projects HQ
San Francisco - SF HQ, SF Academy HQ
San Diego  California
Oakland California
San Luis Obispo California

Prominent player characters in storyline so far:

Nathan Hunter
Jacob Tate
Brian Hudson
Jalidar Varell
Bronwyn Daye

Prominent NPC's and P-NPC's used in this storyline so far:

Gatewood Ranch -
     Cedric Gatewood -CO's grandfather
     Fong - Ranch Manager
     Dr. Phil Geigar - Assistant CMO
     Crewman Vieulys Lorain - CO's aide
     Ja'kee - XO's son

Detroit -
     Jimmy Chatham - criminal informant
     Arthur Vance, police Lieutenant     

Chicago -
     Mabel Murphy, Jimmy's mother   

Romulan Embassy - 
     Ambassador S'tarr, ex-Special Prosecutor RSE
     Fedex Barok - Romulan, criminal,  now deceased

Paris - 
     Vadm. Archie Gates, SpecProj Dir.
     Lorraine Delux, Gates Exec Asst.
     Lt. Edward Curzon, SpecProj operative
     Lt. Alberto Fujimori, Star Fleet Intelligence operative

San Francisco - 
     Qan, Klingon Ambassador
     Captain McNichols, Jacob Tate's ex-CO
     Captain Joe Hudson, Brian Hudson's father

Oakland -
     Vincent Locasio, gangster & Michael Poland's uncle
     Tamara Reece, SpecProj operative

Salta - Bajoran Embassy
     Verdice Turner, Consulate General
     Tomants Alberto, Diplomatic Aide to Verdice