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You're three million  kilometers away,  low on food, low on water, and no one is responding to your hails. 

You know how to get there,  and you can... and you know, you must...


The USS Thunderchild is a role playing game within ODGREEN DIVISION of GREEN FLEET in ASR

original contents of this site © 1999-2002 Noah Rains & The TC RPG.

DECONSTRUCTION:...In 2412 AD, USS Thunderchild was ejected out of the known universe, and into another universe.

The real universe...circa 1963.

Since then, a virus with a fifteen per cent mortality rate raged through the ship, leaving 37 of the 250 on board dead or in stasis.

In the aftermath, a timeslipping journey will lead them to an Earth...circa 2163.

This adventure can be viewed in the real world, in the year 2002,  HERE




Months after the ship was lost, ODGREEN FLEET commissioned her replacement, the USS KRONSHTADT, which launched April 7, 2413, one year after the Thunderchild disappeared.  

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