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The Deck 1 bridge is the standard main headquarters of the Thunderchild.  All ship functions are routed through the state-of-the-art computer systems.  Routine operations require that at least 9 of the 12 stations be occupied, but alert situations require a full twelve-person crew. 

The bridge functions on a 3-shift rotation schedule. In an alert situation, the most freshly available officer assigned to that station's rotation occupies it. Each shift requires a new rested crew to replace the previous shift's crew. The rotation schedule is as follows:

Bridge Rotation Schedule

Shift Hours
Alpha 0801-1600
Beta 1601-2400
Gamma 0001-0800

The bridge, along with most of Deck 1, is the most highly fortified area on the ship.  This is due to the highly important operations that are essential to the ship's functions, controlled from this room.  Shielding includes triple deflector shields, generated by 7 shield generators located around deck 1. An 11 meter tritanium-duranium hull layer coated with ablative armor houses the bridge and it's high tech insturments.

The Bridge of the USS Thunderchild is septagonal in shape, measuring 16 meters at the widest point. A floor plan is as follows:

bridgefloorplan.gif (7020 bytes)

Bridge Element Descriptions
1 Navigation/helm control console
2 Modified Horta control pad 
3 a Access to Deck 1 utility section
b Access to turbolift
c Access to captain's ready room
d Access to conference room
4 Main viewscreen
5 Departmental access console/ multi-purpose workstation
6 Replicator
7 Master situation table
8 Ship-wide coordination monitor
9 Master systems display console
10 Commanding Officer's console 
11 Executive Officer/ advisor's console



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