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FORMAT: MD ##.****
MD mission date
## mission day number
**** hour



BD 01.0100  -- The USS Greyhound, an old Constitution class refitted as a passenger ship without warp drive, leaves Mars orbit on a twelve-hour journey for Earth.  The crew of the Thunderchild (except for the Captain, Vieulys Lorain and Ja'kee, Jaldiar Varell's son, Lt. Nathan Hunter, Lt. Edward Curzon, and Admiral Archie Gates) head for Earth on the Greyhound.

BD 01.0110 --  Thunderchild is in the hands of Utopia Planetia Shipyards
Engineering. Captain remains at Utopia until BD 5.

BD: 01.1230  --   Jal arrives on Earth and is directed to the Romulan Embassy in Romulus, Michigan, where she meets with the Romulan Ambassador, S'tarr, former Special Prosecutor for the Romulan Praetoriate.

BD 01:2359  --   Lt. Bronwyn Daye wakes and remembers the nightmare trip to earth with Qan. She recalls what the Dr. told her about her sickness that someone had possibly tampered with her memories. She falls back asleep and falls into a nightmare...

BD: 02.0100  -- Romulan Tal Shiar accost Varell in the Embassy Garden intent on her returning to work for them as an operative in her new role as a Command Exchange Officer in Starfleet.

BD 02:0300  --  Daye wakes from a bad dream and finds Qan in her room. They talk about the past and the coming talks. Later in the day they are to have lunch with Vernon Gilbert .

BD.02.0900  --    Lt. Jacob Tate recruits Lt. Brian Hudson to help him look for his missing brother David. There' investigation leads them to stumble into investigating criminal elements of the Khartoum Installation, Earth based bad guys.

BD: 02.2050  -- The Tal Shair realize that they will not get any information from Jalidar in any conventional way and decide to implant a bio device to gather information they can retrieve at a later date.

BD 02.2150 -- Jalidar is rescued by one of the Ambassador's aides, Desatz. Jaldiar fires a disruptor, killing  Tirex, one of the Tal Shiar tormenting her. It is unclear whether a bio device was implanted in her or not.

BD 03.0600 --Jalidar discusses what's happened with Ambassador S'tarr. She hints she has one Tal Shiar left to Kill. S'tarr says if he even suspected that was the case, he'd have to arrest her. He lets her go.

BD 03.1400 -- Back at Utopia Planetia Shipyards on BD 3, Captain Gatewood meets with the Engineers who will be working on the refit of the USS Thunderchild for 8-10 weeks (estimated launch of the Thunderchild is BD 56-70 depending on how smoothly the refit progresses.

BD 4.1000 -- Utopia Engineering Captain Benson presents Captain Gatewood with the Command Chair. Gatewood informs Benson that he idn;t have it long enough to get used to it, that it was molded more to former Captain Viktor Ramius' wider butt than Gatewood's, and that he'd be happy with a new one on his return.

BD 4.1800 -- At Utopia, there's an impormptu birthday party for one of the engineers working on the Thunderchild refit, Kay Samuels.

BD 5.0330  --  Greyhound departed Utopia Planetia Shipyards for McKinley Station hours ago, and the Captain enjoys his private accommodations.

BD 5.1330  --  Captain, Ja'kee, and Crewman Vieulys Lorain spend a little time in the gift shop before taking the transporter to Starfleet's Transport Facility in Reno, Nevada.

BD 5.1335   --  Lt. Nathan Hunter learns of Lt. Edward Curzon's next assignment, and must decide if he wants any part of it. Someone is abducting children in Detroit, and there's an eyewitness, who's report was discounted by local police because the eyewitness was a homeless man with a criminal record for a previous assault on a minor, and because he had described witnessing a Romulan male abduct a young girl, and there are few Romulans in Detroit.  The eyewitness disappeared, and more abductions have occurred. Edward has been asked to go to Detroit and help find the eyewitness.

BD 05.1335  --  Hunter agrees to join Curzon. No second thoughts, he just grabs his gear.

BD 05.1400  --  We learn a little background on Gatewood Ranch and the Gatewood family going back six generations and 152 years.

BD 6.0700  --  Upon reaching the Detroit area, Curzon and Hunter find a place to stay. Later that day the search will begin.

BD 6.1100   --  At the Gatewood family ranch Ja'kee is settled in front of the big screen watching movies.

BD 6.1200  --   6.2130 Edward Curzon requests Nathan to go undercover to find their eyewitness. Nathan spends the day slithering through the back alleys, seedy bars and otherwise the hind end of Detroit. When he returns to meet Edward, he tells him Jimmy has fled Detroit and headed to Chicago.

BD 6.1200    --  An old woman in Chicago feeds the birds in the park with her free time, wondering about all the things she's forgotten in time.  On the hunt of the reluctant eyewitness who reported seeing an abduction in Detroit, Lt. Edward Curzon visits the two bars that Jimmy Chatham had called. Jimmy Chatham, alone on the street in Chicago is lost and blaming himself for all his problems.

BD 6.2230  --   7.1050 The hunt for Jimmy Chatham continues, taking Edward and
Nathan from Detroit to Chicago

BD 7.1200- 1230  --  Jalidar Varell leaves the Romulan Embassy and encounters suspicion from a Starfleet Security Officer in Detroit who's skeptical of Romulan intelligence.

BD 7.1245   --  Varell arrives in Reno (local time is 1045) and is met by Captain Gatewood, who will bring her back to Gatewood Ranch on a replica of a Kawasaki Hardtail motorcycle.

BD: 07.1300 - 07.2030   --  Jalidar arrives at the ranch and is reunited with her son.

BD 07.1845  --  Jimmy Chatham lost in Chicago, bumps into some local residents who decide to walk him home.

BD 08.0000  --  Hunter and Curzon find Jimmy Chatham. Curzon gets the truth out of Chatham. Leaving Chatham in Chicago with his mother, Curzon and Hunter head back, using ground transportation, to Detroit.

BD.08.0930  --  Tate and Hudson go through bad guy Rosario's office and get another
freindly welcome

BD 08.1600  --  Lt. Edward Curzon and Lt. Nathan Hunter finger the suspect, Fedex Barok. Breaking into his home, they confirm he is the one who has been killing and terrorizing the people of Detroit. Their next step is capturing him, and making sure he can never harm anyone again.

BD.09.0500  --  Tate & Hudson prepare for a Raid in the works against the Khartoum Installation

BD.09.0530  --   The Raid against Khartoum begins.

BD 9.0900  -- The refit continues. Ray Pulver and Eli remove our old warp core reactor.

BD.09.0930  --  Hudson & Tate enter SFHQ and present Ray Salvono and his gang as well as renegade SF Officers are now under arrest.

BD.09.1100  --  Tate & Hudson enjoy a press conference about their daring pre-dawn run and Captain Eric McNichols, Tate's former Commanding Officer is arrested on charges of Conduct Unbecoming a Officer among others.

BD 10.0245  --  Ten miles North of Ontario Canada,  Edward Curzon & Nathan Hunter find a nice twenty five centimeter wide well, and disposes of the last remains of the now dead Fedex Barok.  Hunter and Curzon continue on foot into Windsor Canada, have breakfast several hours later, and purchase bus tickets and board a bus to Grand Rapids, one way.

BD 10.1300  --  At Utopia, the refit continues.

BD 10.1300  --  Mikey Poland's shore leave takes a turn. From enjoying roller coaster rides in Philadelphia to learning his cousin Tony, who he was raised with after Mikey's parents died and his Uncle Vincent adopted him, is dead. He tries to call home and find out what happened to his cousin Tony.

BD 10.1420  --  Hunter and Curzon arrive at the Starfleet Transport Facility in Grand Rapids. Curzon is called away to Paris for his next assignment, and Hunter is heading to San Frncisco to reunite with Trish his girlfriend before heading to the Gatewood Ranch to meet up with the some of the crew invited to attend a get acquainted party.

BD 10.2000  --  Hudson and Tate discuss the arrests of the bad guys they were chasing, and not being able to find David, with Brian's father Joe at the Academy

BD.11.0500  --  Hudson & Tate arrive at Gatewood Ranch.

BD 11.0700  --   Captain sits down with the assistant Ranch Manager and goes over details on the planned barbecue.

BD 11.0900  --  Civilian Counselor Sunshine Davis back on Earth in San Francisco, receives a message from Lt. Edward Curzon requesting they meet in one week in Paris to discuss a job offer.

BD 12.1500 -- LCDR Carver Halsted, TC 2O, halfway on his way to Starbase Sarmento during the TC's extended shoreleave, enjoys some holodeck time on the DIPLOMACY CLASS USS VENTURI.

BD 12.1700  --  Poland arrives in Hayward California for the next morning's funeral of his cousin Tony Locasio. Poland's Uncle Vincent is involved in organized crime, and Tony was shot to death by an undercover Oakland cop bent on revenge for the death of his partner.

BD 12.0800-2400  --  Nathan spends time with his woman, and friends. Later joined by his cousin, he spends an enjoyable evening with family.

BD 13.0900  --  Lt. Alberto Fujimori (not his real name) gets a new assignment, to meet the Bajoran consulate Verdice in Salta, Argentina.

BD 13.1100  --  Private detective civilian Robert Marley, retained by the Locasio family to track down Roscoe Brown, the cop who killed Tony Locasio, is hot on the trail, in San Diego.

BD 13.1100  --  While the detective waits for the tipster to arrive, Jessy Tandy enters
the El Indio diner in San Diego. She has second hand information about the policeman who killed Locasio's son Tony, but if the detective wants to know more, he's going to have to pay. And buy her lunch.

BD 13.1110  --  The detective gets the information he needs from the Tipster and she gets the money she needs.  Jesse Tandy and Robert Marley leave the Taco shop called the El Indio in San Diego, and go there separate ways.

BD 13.1115  --  Jesse hails a taxi, and takes a ground transport ride to the Racetrack at Del Mar in California. The ride takes about one hour due to heavy traffic and bad roads.

BD 13.1200  --  Nathan meets Trish for lunch in San Francisco,

BD 13.1215  --  At the Del Mar race track, Jesse is looking for a man named Kirk Gibson, and contemplating making a bet

BD 13.1500  --  Nathan finds transportation to Reno

BD 13.1515  --  Hunter rents a horse from Little Joe's, deciding to ride to the Gatewood ranch.

BD 13 - 22  --  Various members of the Thunderchild crew come and go to thr Gatewood family ranch, and there's a pool party barbecue and fireworks shows during this time of fun and recreation as these people get to know each other.

BD 13.2300  --  Ensign Poland is back home, in Oakland, in the home he grew up in,
awaking after a short rest; he lays in the dark, reflecting on his family's troubles.

BD 14.1030  --   SFI operative Lt. Alberto Fujimori arrives at the Bajoran Embassy in Salta, Argentina, operating in the blind, listening to the Consulate General begin to tell him about something that happened that has obviously ruffled their feathers, the young aide enters to give Alberto the first hand accounting of a troubling party. During the interview Fujimori conducts with the Ambassadors aide Tomants Alberto, we learn of a party he attended where there were brutal fights, and several 'death matches' at the end, and that he was intimidated to believe this was all highly illegal and if he said a word to anyone his life was forfeit. It bothered him enough he immediately told the Ambassador on return, and the Ambassador, having never heard of such a thing, contacted Starfleet Intelligence.

BD 14. 1245 -- Lieam Kataka and Christina Leeworth-Kataka recover and adjust to their new lives on Earth which is short lived with a meeting with the Commodore of the SPD&EDB.

BD 14.1315 -- Lieam and Christina are ordered to Mars to work on Lieam's starship designs, the Starchaser and the Nadesico which are still in drydock being worked on,  and working on Nadesico and the Starchaser.

BD 14.1405  --  Poland's uncle Vincent Locasio at home is waiting for "Fatboy", one of his collection agent's to return to the Locasio Estate with some outstanding debts collected. Vincent has been tipped the agent is skimming credits, and confronts him.

BD 14.1410  --  Vincent confronts Carlo "Fatboy" Falzone. Fatboy hands over 30,000 credits and says that's all he got, but Vincent knows Fatboy is lying. Vincent gives Fatboy 30 minutes to get the rest of the credits to him. Fatboy turns to leave Vincent's office thinking the time is ripe to take Vincent out.

BD 14.1415  --  Fatboy turns to leave Vincent's office thinking the time is ripe to take Vincent out. Fatboy pulls out a gun, and shoots Vincent's right hand holding the phaser. Vincent reaches for a sawed off shotgun of his own under the desk, and gets his hand around it when Fatboy shoots him again, this time in the right shoulder.

BD 14.1420  --  Fatboy took aim to end Vincent's life, when Vincent surprises him with a lucky blast from his sawed off shotgun. In the end, Vincent is wounded and bleeding, but Fatboy is dead, and Vincent will live.

BD 15.0730   --  Admiral Gates is briefed on the allegations regarding a Murderer's Club by Lt. Alberto Fujimori who requests Lt. Edward Curzon's help,  but Edward's on assignment, and shorthanded, Gates decides to review the files of the Thunderchild crew, to see if he can find suitable personnel to assist in the undercover investigation.

BD 15.1530  --  Jesse Tandy is met by Kirk Gibson's men at the track and taken to the airport.

BD 15.1630  --  At the airport, they board a hovercraft and must wait for more passengers. Twenty minutes later they are airborne, destination unknown.

BD 15.1950  --  Hovercraft arrived in the woods outside Corvallis Oregon near a youth ministry campground. It does not attract attention. Jesse and company board a bus and ride into town.

BD 15.2010  --  They arrive at Paramount Mall, a boarded up vacant mall. They go in the back way, not drawing attention.

BD 15.2015  --  Jesse Tandy has signed up for a sanction match and waits her turn in a dressing room, watching an early non-sanction match on the monitors. She learns from her trainer she will be fighting a Klingon in her match, and her trainer starts to show her defending the bat'leth.

BD 15.2015  --  Jesse Tandy has signed up for a sanction match and waits her turn in a dressing room, watching matches on the monitor.

BD 16.0300 -- Jesse Tandy lives through her sanction match, and seeing how much credits others have made off her match decides she deserves to get a piece of the action.

BD 16.2330 - 17.100   --  Nate, unable to sleep decides to leave the ranch and hunt up some of his kind of action. He has second thoughts, and decides to have a late evening workout instead. He follows this with a moonlit swim, then returns to his room.

BD 17.0900  --  Sec Chief Lt. Brian Hudson gets an opportunity to become an XO on a mini-mission, escorting a pack of Krishna missionaries to Vulcan, as the XO of the USS MOOREPARK, a Nova class starship.

BD 17.1420  --  Lt. Hudson and crew aboard the MOOREPARK discuss the Mission as to which they've been assigned.

BD 17.1500  --   Ced Gatewood and Brian Hudson arrive at the SF transport facility in Reno so Brian can beam up to McKinley to meet with the MOOREPARK.  Captain Gatewood drops off Lt. Hudson at the STF in Reno, and picks up Lt. Fujimori who's arrived shortly before, and takes Fujimori back to the Ranch.

BD 17.1500  --  Tate family receives word David's body has been recovered, dead. Conflicting reports on where it was found raise suspicions of Starfleet. First report was that it was found overseas, later it is revealed the body washed ashore near the city of Del Mar, California, apparently a drowning victim, according to the local autopsy performed by the San Diego County Coroner.

BD 17.1600 -- Starfleet Intelligence Lt. Alberto Fujimori (not his real name) arrives at Gatewood Ranch chauffeured by Captain Gatewood. He tells Gatewood about the suspected Murderer's Club he has to investigate and how he wants to meet with some of Gatewood's officers about joining in that investigation while they are otherwise off duty. Fujimori briefs Poland, Daye and Hunter on the prospective assignment and asks them for their help, and awaits their answers.  After spending the morning horseback riding and swimming Nathan is summoned along with two others for a meeting with Lt.Fujimori. They soon learn its an
assignment for Special Projects. Nathan agrees to accept it.

BD 17.2200  --  Daye, Poland, Hunter and Fujimori are heading to Reno, Lt. Fujimori goes over the first things he wants the team to to the officers who took Tomants to the party; talk to the host/owner of the home the party was at; find the cabdriver who took Tomants to San Luis Obispo...trying to get a lead on the men who took Tomants there, trying to get an "in" to the next event.

BD 18.0931 -- Michael 's in San Francisco at SF HQ, waiting to talk to any of the Lt's who took that Ambassador helper to meet the bad guys.

BD 18.1000 -- Michael gets the name of the guy who hosted the party and it is a well-known local name to him. Jimmy Hanifan. He gets the address of the house the party was held at, and gets a cab to the Embarcadero, to grab some lunch before contacting Lt. Daye.

BD 18.1000  --  Tate leaves Gatewood ranch for the STF in Reno, to head to Pittsburgh to meet the family and see David's body.

BD 18.1000  --   --  At SB KENAI, Lt. Troy Fortney learns some interesting facts about his last posting.

BD 18.1000  --  Civilian Counselor Sunshine Davis back on Earth meets with Lt. Edward Curzon and accepts the offer of a job on the USS Thunderchild as civilian counselor.

BD 18.1200  --  Captain Gatewood takes Jal, Ja'kee and Vieulys on a drive through the
countryside around Lake Tahoe, heading towards Truckee and the Donner Memorial.

BD 18.1230  --  Gatewood, Varell, her son and Vieulys arrive at the monument and find it
obscured by weeds. Gatewood begins to work at clearing the weeds away from the monument.

BD 18.1300  --  Varell offers to assist Gatewood in honoring the ancestors and clean up the memoprial from the weeds..

BD 18.1500  --  Nathan Hunter arrives at a Cab dispatch office as he bgeins the methodical hunt for which cab driver took Tomants and the others to San Luis Obispo the week before.

BD 18.1630   --  Michael Poland was seated in the Alphanet Cafe, checking on a backlog of messages





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